Repurposed, Re-authored, Renewed

Right, it has been some time. There was once a blog which was my travel blog. I wrote and posted photos as I travelled – initially internationally, and then within the UK and occasionally bits of Europe. Entries evolved over time – at first they were well written pieces concerning day to day travels, with the odd photo to support it. As my interests changed, so too did the entries, shifting toward more photos and less text.

Yet this shift was also a byproduct of laziness. Editing photos takes time (when you shoot raw) – the approach I chose to publish my blog involved significant manual work. Combined, this lead to stories being written about events three months past.

A number of factors have lead to this being challenged.

  • Two years of minimal updates to
  • Apple decommissioning .Mac/MobileMe leading to a shift in hosting.
  • iWeb generally being a clever way to build a page, but not a fast way to get content published.
  • Being relatively recently married and therefore encouraged to get my photos online faster!

So – the solution?

Welcome to –

  • Self hosted wordpress blog – no more manually building pages – I can post content from my phone or iPad and have it just work.
  • A purpose – the old site had drifted. The purpose of this site is to share things that we do and things that we see – however small.
  • I say we – Multiple Authors – both myself and my wife Andrea will update this site. Together if we can’t chivy each other along to edit a photo or write some text, well, something is awry.
The old site – I should mention – is not gone. You can still dig up the old archives should you wish to read tales of oil dripping from airliners or the smell of gin on the streets of London. Travels, the Archive exists and is linked to in the menu at the top of this page.

Don’t be surprised if things get twiddled on the site, or changed or periodically broken. I don’t necessarily know what I’m doing, but I’ll work on it and get there eventually!